Life Behind Bars.

I have spend the better part of the last decade behind bars.  This time has allowed me to develop many different aspects of myself but most importantly it had fostered a more unique perspective on life. There is an almost poetic duality to this world,  it is an environment which encourages the absolute best and worst aspects of an individuals character in equal measure. There is an almost poetic duality to this world which is not a therapeutic space to be used to shake off and repair the trauma and stresses of the world and  a place that fertilises the fear, loathing and claustrophobia that seems to swell from underfoot.

Fortunately the bars that surround me have been made of mahogany or marble rather than steel. Bars are an incredible physical and conceptual container of ideas and behaviours that without any doubt merits observation. For the geographer the bar represents a rich and textured study of space and place that provides a cross  section of social class,  political ideals, a working model of larger capitalist structures and one of the best examples of the globalisation of both ideals and material.

When confronted with a resource as rich and varied as this it would be wasteful to let it pass. Which is why in the coming weeks I will share and deconstruct a number of oberservations and thoughts on the hospitality trade and it’s patrons using geographical and sociological concepts. Although some of the ideas and constructs can be be fairly involved it is worth remembering that this intended to be a creative endeavour and should be treated as entertainment.


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